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Tire Store in Alexandria, VA

Franconia Service Center offers new tires in Alexandria, VA, along with wheel alignment service at affordable prices. Choose from a variety of brand name tires for your import or domestic vehicle that our Alexandria auto repair service shop sells, installs, and also maintains.

Alexandria Car Tires

Brand New Tires - New Tires Alexandria, VA

For your car, truck, van, or SUV, we provide tire replacements along with our full-service attention to every detail when you need new tires in Alexandria. Our certified technicians do more than just put on a set of new tires. We inspect your existing tires for signs of unusual tread wear as well as look at the condition of your rims and valve stems. In some cases, your tires may not need to be replaced.  Luckily, we handle tire repair also!


Tire Service in Alexandria, VA

Road hazards such as nails and other harmful objects may be the cause of your tires losing air. When possible, our Alexandria auto repair center will do a tire repair service to fix the leak. Other slow leaks in car tires are sometimes due to a faulty tire valve stem or some form of damage to the wheel's rim. In either case, our Alexandria tire repair pros will advise you of the situation and provide you with an estimate before we do any work.


Tire Replacements in Alexandria, VA

When replacing tires in Alexandria, we remove your old tires from their rims, replace the valve stems, and install your new tires. Wheel weights are added to ensure that your tires are properly balanced for optimum wear. Finally, we add the recommended amount of air in the tires and mount them on your vehicle. 

Alexandria Wheel Alignments

When we inspect your old tires, we check for abnormal tread wear inside or outside of your tires, and also for cupping tread wear, all of which indicate that your car needs a wheel alignment. In Alexandria, our shop is equipped to perform a four-wheel alignment or front-end alignment, whichever the situation calls for, to give you a smooth, straight drive that helps your new tires last much longer.
Get the best tires at affordable prices from the tire shop at Franconia Service Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Wheel alignments are also available to keep your car steering true and safe.

Call us today at (703) 661-9278 whenever you need a wheel alignment or new tires in Alexandria. We also
provide tire service for Franconia, Springfield, Arlington, Fairfax, Newington, Lorton, and Ft. Belvoir residents.